August 31, 2016 — Following years of litigation over billboards, Scenic Jacksonville and Outfront Media amicably worked out a new agreement with positive outcomes for many Jacksonville neighborhoods.  One neighborhood in particular is in close proximity to Douglas Anderson School for the Arts (DA), just east of I-95 and south of downtown Jacksonville.
A giant steel I-Beam structure was removed today in an area encircled by residences as well as park and public lands.  Scenic Jacksonville’s long time counsel Bill Brinton applauded billboard operator Outfront Media’s leadership and representatives and the cooperative relationship by which their disputes were resolved in a way that rewarded compromise and thoughtful reflection.

Scenic Jacksonville President Susan Caven stated, “Scenic Jacksonville appreciates the cooperation of Outfront Media in removing this billboard located next to a park, in a residential area, which has a school nearby.”

DA Principal Jackie Cornelius congratulated everyone.  “Not only is this a great day for the community surrounding Douglas Anderson School for the Arts (DA), but also it is equally awesome for DA and its arts students.  With the billboard removed, and the park so close to DA, all kinds of creative opportunities open up.  Our visual arts, design and dance students especially will be able to interact with this new beautiful area through environmental dance, painting and design.  Opportunities for environmental education and expanded neighborhood collaborations abound. Congratulations to everyone who has made this possible!

Council President Lori Boyer remarked,  “Jacksonville is known for having the largest urban park system, and today’s event celebrates one major step forward for one neighborhood park in our One City.  The removal of this billboard, and the renewed interest this event has generated from community partners, will enhance this park both visually and functionally, and another neighborhood will benefit from the commitment of Scenic Jacksonville.”