Great Cities Symposium 2019

“Every human being needs beauty – every human being might see it differently, but they need it. And the beauty can be in the beauty of a park, it can be in the beauty of a building, it can be in the beauty of a waterfront.”

2019 Great Cities Symposium

In May 2019 City Beautiful and Scenic Jacksonville hosted the inaugural Great Cities Symposium featuring former Mayor Joe Riley of Charleston.  Over 300 people attended the luncheon held at the Jacksonville Public Library.

Joseph Riley served as mayor of Charleston, South Carolina for four decades.  During that period, he transformed the city from a sleepy, coastal backwater into an international tourist destination, a major economic engine for the region, and a center for global trade.  A few of his initiatives include the revitalization of Charleston’s historic downtown business district, substantially reducing crime and developing nationally acclaimed affordable housing.

“Jacksonville’s citizen’s deserve quality access to River. They should be able to say, isn’t this great?”

Riley offers inspiring blueprint for cities like ours

— Times-Union Editorial Board, Apr 16, 2019

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