August 25, 2022  JEA has put a hold on further undergrounding of utility lines, as reported today in Jacksonville Today daily newsletter.

Undergrounding of utility lines has long been a priority of both Scenic America and Scenic Jacksonville because it provides both protection against storms, the removal of visual clutter, and it allows street trees to flourish and provide shade and cooling.  New developments are required to place utilities underground, and older neighborhood have an option to fund it privately through a Neighborhood Assessment Program (NAP).  It is our understanding that both efforts are paused, but will be resumed when the supply issues are worked out.

Existing neighborhood conversion projects, such as the one on Richmond and Shadowlawn in Avondale, will be completed on schedule.

“JEA and FPL say they have the transformers and other equipment they need to keep the power on in the Jacksonville area going into the historic peak of hurricane season, despite supply chain issues that have driven up prices of materials. For JEA, worldwide supply challenges have delayed projects including moving power lines underground — meant to lessen disruptions during future storms, expected to become stronger because of climate change.”

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