Scenic Jacksonville is an advocacy organization and we focus often on downtown Jacksonville issues.  Here is a short version of what you can do to voice or help in any cause you care about.  Citizen’s actions count and it is especially helpful to be respectful, informed and clear.

 Most Impactful

  1. Show up and speak at meetings (public comments – 3 min time limit)
  2. Write individual emails to decision makers
  3. Write a letter to the editor of the Florida Times Union:

Also Important

  1. Stay informed, follow issue via local newspaper, social media
  2. Share and encourage participation from your friends, networks, and your favorite organizations.
  3. Post and share on social media

Familiarize yourself with the process, timelines and how to contact decision makers. 

STANDARD PROCESSES – Please refer to city websites below for official and complete information.   

  1. DOWNTOWN INVESTMENT AUTHORITY REVIEW – for issues within the Downtown Overlay 
  • DIA Committee Review and Recommendation
  • DIA Board Review and Vote – usually at monthly Board meeting, but can be a special meeting called.
  • Sometimes, there is a 30-day window to allow for any competing proposal
  1. CITY COUNCIL REVIEWNot required on all DIA decisions, but often are required on property disposition, and some types of incentive packages.  The City Council Legislation Process is an approximate six week cycle, but can be longer or shorter.
  • Committee Reviews – Usually Finance and Neighborhoods, but can be others
  • General City Council Public Hearings – two required
  • City Council Vote Approval/Denial

 Click here for Contacts, Reference and Advocacy Tips