Lot J Bill 2020-648

The LOT J Bill 2020-648 has been filed by the City and is being heard in several upcoming City Council meetings.  The bill is on a fast track and the Council may vote on the bill as early as November 19th.

Lot J is a proposed development on the North side of Bay Street, immediately adjacent to the Stadium.  For reference, please see the legislation here.  Two articles below provide a fuller explanation of the project, and the Times Union has been following very closely.  The city is asking the Council to approve large financial incentives ultimately to be paid by the taxpayers.

There are several opportunities for citizens of Jacksonville to make your voices heard and we encourage you to do so.  Below are the public hearing dates and zoom information.

November 5th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Council of the Whole.  HYBRID meeting will be in person at City Hall, and via ZOOM.

Zoom Meeting ID:  968 3422 4632, Passcode 881332.

If you cannot attend but would like to submit comments to be read at the meeting, please email:  CCMeeting11102020@coj.net.

Meeting information on COJ website:  https://www.coj.net/city-council/events/all-events/committee-of-the-whole-meeting

November 10th, 5 p.m. Regular City Council Meeting with Public Hearing on 2020-648. Information not yet available on coj.net website

November 19th, Council of the Whole. Time and Zoom information have not yet been announced. Unless deferred, the council will vote on this day.

Riverfront Parks Now – Position on LOT J 

Don’t rush this through; take a holistic approach with the right analysis

Riverfront Parks Now advocates for the creation of a resilient, active network of parks and significant green space on the Northbank along the St. Johns River to include the city-owned Metropolitan Park and the Shipyards. We believe that future plans for publicly-owned riverfront lands in Downtown must prioritize public access and involve citizens in a community-driven decision-making process.

We are not opposed to the concept of private development in LOT J across Bay Street.  In fact, we believe that private development across Bay Street can complement and benefit from a major resilient and active riverfront park providing equitable accessibility for all of Jacksonville. Well-designed destination parks have proven to increase adjacent private property values, attract businesses and residents, and provide a significant return on investment for the community and local economy.

However, one of our primary concerns is the ongoing piecemeal approach where development proposals are considered in isolation without a coordinated, publicly supported master plan. The lack of a holistic vision limits opportunities to create a well-planned downtown and riverfront and to ensure the most effective and strategic use of limited tax dollars.

We have one chance to get this right.  Don’t rush this legislation through.  Involve the public in a thoughtful downtown master planning effort that can transform our city and our riverfront for the next century.

The people must be involved in future use of riverfront
October 1, 2020 – Florida Times Union